My sister always told me that ghosts aren't real. That when we die we just disappear. Forever.


the sound of rain. is a short visual novel/parser-based interactive fiction about death made for the O2A2 jam. I tried to explore different themes around death this time, so a little beyond the usual losing someone close to you.

There's technically only one ending, but the things you do when exploring the attic affect parts of your ending as well.

The game is open-source. You can read the code on

I also wrote a longer piece with my own thoughts on writing this and some of the backstory/worldbuilding thingies not covered here (spoilers ahead):


Writing / Programming / Art: Q.

Ambient music:

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GenreInteractive Fiction
Code licenseMIT License
Average sessionA few minutes


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I think that this game does give death a fresh perspective. Even though the protagonist's sister passed on, the protagonist, through their memory of their sister is freed from mental constraints (of needing to obey social norms) and their life can properly begin. 

Spoilers incoming, but personally, I chose to grab stuff so that the protagonist can be 'haunted' by her memory and strive forward. I mean, even if it hurts a lot, it's better to remember than to regret later on. 

The storytelling format is pretty experimental because the backstory is told in fragments based on what item protag inspects. I like how the more you dig deeper (open boxes) the more intimate it feels. And it's funny to imagine the poor protag lifting maybe 10+ items out of the attic, so I hope that they are buff enough in-universe to do so.